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E-mail marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, an affordable and localized way to promote your business. It provides the best opportunity to expand your customer base and increase your bottom line faster than any other marketing method.

Our ’Email Marketing’ software helps streamline our advertising activities and minimize our expenses so we can provide you with profound sales and revenue growth.

Attractive features with easy Plans:

  • Powerful Email Campaign Tool
  • Eye catching Personalized Emails
  • Offer Expirations Can Keep You Out of Trouble
  • List Management tool Evolution
  • Unbelievable Offer Rotation
  • Easily design beautiful, results-driven campaigns

Emails per Month Subscribers Monthly Cost
5,000 Unlimited


/ month
100,000 Unlimited


/ month
250,000 Unlimited


/ month
500,000 Unlimited


/ month
1,000,000 Unlimited


/ month
1,250,000 Unlimited


/ month
1,500,000 Unlimited


/ month
2,000,000 Unlimited


/ month
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High Volume Plans

Our high volume plans come with a monthly sending quota. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

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